How to always hire the right employee for your company

Stephen O'Brien 19.05.2017

Hiring new staff is a time consuming process. If the wrong person is hired it can be costly as the process of hiring and training needs to be repeated and can also damage the team environment and morale.

In order to ensure you are hiring the right person for your company you need to incorporate a hiring structure that can be used across all departments. This ensures that the right fit for the company culture can be standardised and means a more successful and well-run organisation.

Important concepts for having a hiring structure:

The requirements for the role have been agreed and defined

There are often several stages to the hiring process with different people interviewing and reviewing candidates. Be sure that the skills required to do the job and the required fit for the team are defined to all parties, and that these are used to review a candidate’s experience. Particular degrees and/or years’ experience do not define a person’s skillset and should not be the defining information on a CV.

Have a timeline

Have an agreed timeline with all parties to ensure availability and that there are no delays. For example, don't advertise the week before a company audit or when their are holidays approaching that will tie up required personnel. Good candidates do not stay available for long so you will need to keep the process moving. Candidates get nervous and long delays or hold ups can paint a bad picture of a company. 

Go further than the CV to discover people with the right skill set

CVs do not show a person’s full technical capabilities and skills. In order to truly find out what level a candidate is at, a short screening call can be done to discuss technical abilities. These can be time consuming but can reduce your list to a manageable number of appropriate candidates to bring to interview.

Face to face interviews should be about finding the right fit

CV reviewing and screening calls will define a list of appropriately qualified and skilled people. In order to determine if the person will fit in with company culture and environment, face to face interviews are essential. Qualified people who are the right fit are what every company looks for in a long term employee.

Be honest

As mentioned in the first point, having the role defined at the time of hire is essential. At the interview stage be sure to be up front and honest about all good and bad points. The candidate can then let you know how they could be of benefit and it also ensures that there is no disappointment or difficulties, which could lead to the process having to be started all over again.

We at Morgan McKinley are specialists in our area and understand our candidates and their experience, both on and off their CVs. We will contact appropriate people in relation to your opportunity and screen them in relation to their experience and your company culture to ensure we put the right candidates in front of you.

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