Hiring tips for employers: A recruiter's perspective

Michelle Ahern 16.10.2017

It is safe to say, the candidate is king! The jobs market has changed in the last few years and experienced, hard-to-come-by candidates are involved in a number of recruitment processes with their pick of jobs. “It is a candidate-driven market” - this is a conversation I have on a daily basis with my customers.

2017 has proven to be a very different market in comparison to previous years, with steady and continuous jobs growth recorded in the Morgan McKinley Employment Monitor. It is also not unusual to hear that requisitions can be open for two to three months. As incredible as it sounds, Ireland is beginning to experience a skills shortage - so what can hiring managers, HR professionals and employers do to engage in recruitment processes and close out those open reqs?

Engage with your recruiter.

In Morgan McKinley, we pride our ourselves on going beyond - what this means for employers is that we are a recruitment partner. We want to deliver a quality service by understanding your recruitment needs, advising on market trends, knowing our candidates and giving realistic expectations.

Give yourself a timeline for when you want to get this person on-board.

Notice periods, holidays for both the interviewer and the candidate, projects and aligning calendars, all come into play for closing out open requisitions.

Know what you want.

As above engage with your recruiter and know what you will bargain for, what you consider is essential versus desirable, what your culture fit is, what skills you actually require and what skills you could train the new individual on. Being very specific helps us recruiters get you exactly what you want.

Make recruitment a priority.

A friend of mine recently told me that recruitment was on the bottom of her company’s to-do list. Six months ago that same company were trying to recruit directly and were wondering why they were not getting quality CVs. Six months on and they have now engaged with an agency and are finding their positions are being filled efficiently and successfully, all in all helping their business grow and prosper. 

Sell your business and what it offers to candidates.

Package and salary will always be a consideration. Candidates are also interested in more than just the job and what it entails, they need to be convinced that their requirements will be met in terms of development, progression, coaching, team fit, work-life balance, mentorship and internal opportunities. Everyone likes to feel special - a little bit of selling in the interview will convince candidates that they are making the right decision.

Give feedback.

Candidates always ask for feedback on their interviews and applications because it helps them to prepare for that next interview. From a recruiter's perspective, it give us a guideline on where good candidates fell down and what was missing.

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