Global Technology Trend Report

Aldagh McDonogh 27.06.2013

Morgan McKinley has launched a series of Global Trends Reports providing market intelligence to professional career movers and business managers.

The reports released to date cover Risk & Compliance, Technology and Finance & Accounting.  Within the Global Technology Trend Report eight key markets have been researched to identify business talent requirements.
The report spans three months of qualitative research, gathering ancedotal evidence and feedback from conversations with industry. 
Some conclusions from the Technology Report:
1. Structural change in the IT landscape is a factor in several markets but in general, these are stimulating rather than depressing demand. 
2. Mobile is currently the top specialist area driving demand, though not in all markets and its influence is expected to diminish in the future.
3. Big data and analytics, traditional on-premise ERP and data centre management are also among the most sought-after specialist areas. 
Ireland - "In the short to medium term, Ireland's ability to attract talent from across the EU and beyond will be critical to its position as a global technology hub."
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