Global Mobility of Technology Professionals

Graham Keegan 19.09.2018

Global mobility goes hand in hand with the growth of the technology industry here in Ireland. There is a significant skills shortage in the market, and so the inward migration of experienced professionals from overseas has been crucial in keeping up with the ever-persistent demand. In particular, the areas of Development and Data have seen demand largely being fulfilled as a direct migration of talent. 

Employers in the technology sector have had to adapt to incorporate and adjust to global mobility both in terms of the hiring process and in regards to company culture. The employer interview process has changed dramatically. It was once necessary to attend face-to-face interviews for each role, whereas now companies are a lot more flexible, with video calls becoming a lot more commonplace. Employers within the technology space are viewing the ability to interview those who are overseas as a positive thing as these professionals may bring with them various skills and experience which are not readily available to a local market. Although some employers are not approving of this change in process, it has certainly become much more accepted and commonplace. 

Software Developers

In terms of specific opportunities within IT, there is a strong demand for skilled software developers in most countries globally. However, Ireland as a home for many tech companies offers an attractive proposition and is therefore seen as a lucrative destination to stay in rather than a location to leave. Another reason why this kind of position suits global mobility so much is that the nature of the job allows people to perform the relevant tasks from any location without the need to be physically in the office. 

The majority of technology professionals who are moving away are emigrating to the same places. Australia and Canada have similar pull factors such as a healthy work/life balance and a strong Irish contingency which is ideal for expats trying to settle in. London attracts a number of skilled contract professionals due to the competitive rates on offer. People can also commute from Ireland to the UK on a weekly basis if needs be which can be a pull factor for those wishing to stay close to home. 

Technology Professionals
Mid-level technology professionals would be the most prone to embarking on global mobility projects than others. Those with 3-5 years experience are most likely to look to work and travel elsewhere as a means of furthering their careers and gaining experience abroad. Although these professionals are more willing to embrace mobility, it is the more senior contract professionals who there is also a strong demand for in the market.  

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