Global Mobility of Tax and Practice Professionals

James Gallagher 19.09.2018

Global Mobility continues to be an important factor to consider for Tax and Practice professionals.

Within the tax industry, global mobility is a widespread desire among professionals. Many professionals from various countries are looking to relocate here to Ireland. However, it is often essential for employees in Ireland to have some Irish experience, depending on the level of the role. Many Irish tax professionals make internal transfers abroad. This is a common occurrence for people working in the Big 4 who are looking to work and travel abroad, and in particular in the areas of audit and advisory. 

Tax Professionals and Migration

Whether an employer is in favour of this generally depends on the company size. The Big 4 tend to encourage internal transfers, however smaller firms view this in a negative light as it may prove difficult to fill the vacancy depending on the role in question and the individual required. Many European and non-European professionals who come from countries who have weaker economies than Ireland seek roles in Audit here. Ireland on the whole offers great career progression, opportunities and development within the tax industry, which is recognised overseas. This is mainly seen at a higher level such as those working as an Audit Senior, Assistant Manager or Manager.

In terms of emigration, many Irish tax professionals relocate to the US or Australia for work. Naturally enough, this is due to better weather, lower tax rates and better career opportunities. In the Big 4 in particular, newly qualified Audit and Tax professionals seem to be taking advantage of internal global transfers (albeit a small percentage). This opportunity allows them to travel while working within an organisation they are familiar and feel comfortable in. However, it is not just those who are newly qualified who are interested in global mobility. On the senior end of the scale, many professionals have the perception that if they emigrate they will have a further opportunity to progress their career. This is seen clearly on the Audit side as candidates at Manager or Senior Manager level emigrate and apply for Audit Director roles overseas. 

Audit Professionals and Emigration

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