Global Mobility of Supply Chain & Procurement Professionals

Darragh McCarthy 19.09.2018

Global Mobility has had a minimal impact on the supply chain and procurement sectors  in Ireland as there are still a lot of opportunities and avenues for graduates to break into the market here. However, it is still an existent trend nonetheless.

Supply chain and procurement professionals who do decide to relocate generally choose to make the move to the UK, UAE and Australia. Businesses within the supply chain industry can either view global mobility as a positive or negative trend depending on the company in question and also the scale of the organisation. If it is a global company with a virtual setup, then global mobility is a positive addition as the required work can be done across the world in various locations and it also enables the employer to access a wider talent pool of qualified professionals. On the flip side, more traditional companies who have a direct manufacturing model in place may view global mobility as a negative trend. 

Supply Chain Relocation

Some companies involved in supply chain and procurement encourage global mobility by offering it within their organisation on an individual basis. If the individual professional has an exceptional skill set and is a valuable asset to the company, then said company will offer them global mobility as an option if it is what they desire, in order to keep them in the business. Those with a medium level of experience are the most likely to embrace global mobility. Many specialist level professionals (2-4 years experience) are eager for opportunities to experience other cultures while developing their careers. Often, one will embark on a secondment to another country like this, and will end up securing a long term role while over there, once they are more established within the workforce there.

Supply chain professionals who choose to move generally go to English speaking destinations such as the UK, UAE, Australia/New Zealand and the US/Canada. This is because as well as having little to no language barriers, these countries also have a similar approach to Supply Chain and Procurement and a similar working culture. These countries also have a large Irish population which can make the adjustment period easier too. In the case of the UAE in particular, the higher salary and lower tax rates mean that young Irish professionals can gain both experience and make money quickly.

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