Global Mobility of Science Professionals

Stephen O'Brien 18.09.2018

Read our review on the global mobility of Science professionals:

Global mobility has not been as prevalent in the science sector as within other industries. There are mixed reviews overall of global mobility as a trend within the science industry. Most companies prefer to hire locally where they can, but for high volumes of recruitment needs organisations tend to be more open to professionals based across Europe. 

Global Mobility Positions

 In regards to those positions more prone to global mobility, we have experienced that those involved in Quality Control, Analytical Development and Regulatory Affairs are more open to it than others. Occasionally, some Irish professionals choose to relocate to Canada, but this is not very often and much less than the number of professionals looking to come to Ireland. Those on the more senior end of appointments tend to be more open to global mobility on the whole as well. 

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the impact it will have on the Science sector in Ireland. Early signs are showing that the UK's departure from the EU will have a disruptive effect on the industry, most notably from the perspective of the flow of talent between Ireland and the UK. A recent report released by the Irish Government highlighted growing concerns among Irish pharmaceutical firms around the free movement of pharma professionals between the two nations.  Ireland is one the largest contributors of pharmaceutical and chemical goods globally, and undoubtedly, restrictions on the supply of talent to Ireland will have an adverse effect on operations. 

Brexit Challenges

Likewise, many pharma companies heavily rely on moving current employees to other countries on a project basis. The potential implications that Brexit could have on the mobility of UK citizens working in Irish firms could cause major disruption to international mobility projects.Hopefully the potential threats that Brexit poses will not come to pass and both countries will continue to mutually benefit from the free flow of talent, but at this time it is near impossible to predict.

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