Global Mobility of Sales Professionals

David Cooney 19.09.2018

Global mobility is having an impact on the sales industry worldwide, and especially here in Ireland where the trend seems to be towards outward migration rather than inbound.

Senior Sales Leaders in particular are embracing global mobility. It is now a necessary element of their role in regards to supporting other disciplines. Many sales professionals are now operating at a global scale without limitations or resistance to change which is a positive emerging trend. 

In the sales industry, there is a lot of outbound global mobility by way of emigration. Many employers are seeing a number of sales workers to facilitate the general running of the business, and will go to great lengths to facilitate these requirements. Digitisation of the workplace has helped simplify the management of this. As sales support is often critical to business growth or expansion, the reception of global mobility is certainly positive in this market. Most companies in general encourage and facilitate this for their employees. 


Senior Sales Professionals

Senior Sales Executives (particularly International) are prone to favouring organisations who have a defined structure in place to support global mobility. Relocating along with their with families for the right opportunity also seems to be more feasible for them. Once they have access to an international airport, they seem to be drawn towards Ireland for the language, culture, proximity to Europe and lifestyle. Brexit has also had an effect on this with many international professionals seeing Ireland as a sort of safe gateway to Europe resulting in an increase of individuals looking to relocate here. 

National and international sales roles by nature allude to an environment that facilitates and promotes global mobility. National sales in particular often require some remote support which can assist global mobility. 

In terms of those looking to relocate, newly qualified graduates are more prone to emigrating as they have no commitments at home, have a desire to travel and to develop their career in larger, more economically thriving cities.   


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