Global Mobility of Marketing Professionals

Ciara Kelly 19.09.2018

Marketing is an industry which is easily adaptable to global mobility making the process easier for professionals and widespread across the industry.

Marketing is a notoriously transferable industry in terms of skills and qualifications. This makes global mobility an easier process for professionals working in this area.
In Ireland for example, marketeers in Cork are tending to travel one to two years after graduating to seek better opportunities elsewhere. These professionals in particular are looking at roles in the UK, Canada, UAE and Australia among other popular destinations, where the salaries are more competitive, opportunities in their discipline are more plentiful and there are better progressive opportunities. 

Global Mobility and Marketing

On the flip side, some marketeers from countries whose economies are weaker than Ireland’s (e.g Romania, India) are looking to relocate to Ireland. There has been a surge in the number of employees working abroad who are looking to move home (albeit at a more senior level). Again these professionals are generally coming from the above destinations of the UK, Australia, Dubai and Canada. 

The larger marketing companies and multinationals like to see prospective employees with overseas experience for the more niche roles they are trying to fill. The trend for Irish professionals relocating back to Ireland is that they seem to relocate and then take some time off before beginning their job here. In general they are usually present here in Ireland before activating their search which speeds up the process and makes it run more efficiently.  Multinational and global organisations actively encourage this kind of global mobility among employees.

In marketing, it is generally those at the more senior end of the scale who are prone to global mobility, such as a Marketing Director, Head of Marketing, Communications Director, Head of Communications, Brand Marketing Director or Director of Public Relations. 

With an increase in large multinational companies moving to Ireland, Dublin in particular, we are seeing a trend of highly driven digital marketing professionals, ranging from all roles; automation, online advertising, demand generation, etc, migrating to Ireland. 

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