Global Mobility of HR Professionals

Aileen McCarney 18.09.2018

The HR industry is one which is highly adaptable to global mobility, with the widespread migration of professionals being commonplace.

Global mobility has increased the number of experienced recruiters in Ireland which is very much a transferable skill across various regions. However, localised knowledge and experience of employment law skills and knowledge will always be required from time to time. Therefore, it can be said that HR is an industry which is easily adaptable to global mobility due to the nature of the work. 

With this in mind, companies are more than happy to schedule Skype calls and to accommodate candidates schedules who need to travel in order to interview. Not only that, but they are willing to accomodate realistic notice periods for those looking to relocate. Some employers in Ireland will go to great lengths to accommodate those who are relocating, such as picking up new employees from the airport and assisting them with their accomodation search. Companies like to be made aware of market skills which are lacking here in Ireland and which may need to be introduced via professionals from another country. Within the HR industry, the main job titles which are prone to global mobility are recruitment consultants and recruitment managers in general. 

According to statistics released by LinkedIn this summer, Human Resources is in the top 5 job categories in terms of professionals who are actively seeking employment opportunities outside of Ireland. Despite ongoing fears surrounding Brexit, the UK remains the most popular destination of choice for this cohort of mobile professionals. On the flipside, Ireland is also experiencing increased immigration of HR and recruitment talent, with Ireland maintaining a strong reputation across Europe as a hotspot for professionals in this space.

Global Mobility in the UK
There has been on ongoing barrier to entry for returning emigrants to Ireland, which was identified and subsequently summarised as ‘recognition of qualifications’ by the Irish government in 2015. Unfortunately little has been done since that date to remedy the problem. As highlighted by the Irish Times at the start of this year, many returning Human Resources professionals have encountered the same issue in getting recognition from employers for qualifications which they achieved overseas. Hopefully the government will do more to tackle this issue in the new year as we anticipate an even greater number of returning HR diaspora in 2019.

Global Mobility Qualifications

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