Global Mobility of Engineering Professionals

Eleanor Collins 18.09.2018

Global mobility is having a major impact on the engineering sector in Ireland with the trend being actively encouraged.

Within the Engineering sector, there has been an increase of less experienced professionals sourcing employment in Switzerland and the Netherlands. There is difficulty getting experienced professionals to Ireland due to the large backlog in regards to the Critical Skills Visa here. Due to this delay, some employers just aren’t willing to take people who require Visas. However, depending on the company in question and the nature of the skills required, some companies have no option but to seek overseas professionals who require sponsorship. There are a number of international communities developing across the country which aids this form of hiring. Most professionals making the move are drawn to multinational companies and major cities. 

Junior Level Engineers

To encourage global mobility within the engineering market, some companies are supporting global projects, global deliveries and global moves (e.g expansions, etc). This is mainly done on a contract basis. In terms of job titles which are prone to this type of work, think Quality Auditors, Process Engineers, Project Engineers and Automation Engineers. These are mainly supporting global projects or working on off site third party manufacturing sites and CMO’s. 

The majority of Irish engineering professionals who are relocating abroad are heading to the US, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, Asia and the UAE. The reasons these destinations are so popular vary, but each of them mainly offer personal gain financially, tax free options, short term gain and desirable projects. Some of the overseas projects can offer inexperienced engineers assignments to gain experience they would not get the exposure to if they stayed in Ireland. There is no common trend in terms of what level experience avail of these opportunities, it is usually based on a given individual’s personal situation. While some employees are open to new challenges and change, others prefer routine. However some mid level engineers are simply forced to relocate if they wish to climb up the career ladder quickly. That being said, we are seeing an influx of non nationals coming and attempting to come to Ireland as due to Brexit the UK is seen as a less desirable destination to employees from other European countries. 

Engineering Professionals and Brexit

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