Global Mobility of Accounting & Finance Professionals

James Gallagher 19.09.2018

Global Mobility is seen in the Accounting and Finance sectors mainly by way of outward migration and also Irish professionals returning home.

Global mobility is very much a two way street within the Accounting and Finance sectors. In terms of outward migration, many newly qualified professionals from chartered firms are looking to travel soon after they qualify, which has affected the supply of professionals here in Ireland at the most in demand level. As this level is in demand globally, qualified professionals are aware that they will most likely find employment easily in the UK, US or Australia. However on the flipside, professionals from other European countries whose economies are weaker than Ireland's such as Spain and Portugal are seeking employment here. Returning home to Ireland after a period abroad is also a prominent trend (albeit at more senior levels). These returnees are mainly from the countries listed above also. 

Global Mobility in Accountancy

Global mobility is encouraged by most of the larger accounting and finance organisations. Some even have global mobility teams in place whose sole purpose is to connect professionals with relevant opportunities in other offices within the business. This kind of initiative is well received within organisations who embrace it and is often a company priority. Many organizations now request global mobility from new hires when embarking upon their career journey with them (e.g half of their contact may be in Ireland with the other half at an international destination such as the US or Asia) with the incentive being to return home to Ireland with broader international experience. Many organisations are definitely encouraging of this approach, with Ireland increasingly being seen as a centre of excellence, where talent is nurtured before being sent to work corporately in the US or on site in Asia.


Accounting Talent

Professionals in Ireland looking to relocate mainly head to Australia, US, UK, and Dubai. These destinations are visited by many accounting and finance professionals, so there is a wealth of information and advice on this out there which is comforting to some people. People are attracted to these locations due to the higher salaries, lower levels of income tax, better climates and also the perception of more career opportunities and chance of progression. The newly to recently qualified are the most likely to relocate, most probably due to lack of ties here in Ireland and also a stronger desire to travel and gain international experience. 

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