Employers: This is the one thing that all of your applicants want

Aoife Hynes 24.08.2017

During our supply chain recruitment open day, our candidates shared what they want most from employers during the recruitment and on-boarding process.

Our national supply chain recruitment team held an open day last week in Dublin. We had a fantastic turn out and met with a number of very strong supply chain professionals. I personally met with​ ​procurement professionals, all of which I tried to provide feedback of some sort at the end of the meeting, positive and negative.

By sitting down with candidates who are actively interviewing a common trend that that we took from this were the challenges that individuals are having with the lack of feedback they are receiving.
People are becoming more and more frustrated with the lack of feedback after either applying for a position or after interviewing. In some cases, candidates had gone through a number of different stages of interview with a company. In the eyes of the interviewee, they have started to build a relationship with their potential employer, they enjoy being in their company and are beginning to see themselves working with them. And then, all of a sudden...silence! The dream of ‘what could have been’ is gone, with no warning and no reason why.
This is unavoidable in many cases, people are busy and they forget to get back in touch once the problem is solved, often situations change, requirements change. I try to ensure that I make people aware that this may happen​​ before the event and this way there is no one left with unanswered questions. That feeling of rejection, neglect​​​, ​anger and questioning “what if?” will simply become something that is understandable. We can all waste time chasing feedback and looking for an update and I agree, some people do need that gentle reminder but more often than not, if there is feedback, you will get it.
We endeavor to provide constructive feedback when at all possible here in Morgan McKinley. If we have it, you will get it.

 We also offer the best career advice, finding the right career path is a challenging job. We want to make it easier, less time-demanding and more rewarding. To find out more get in touch at the below contact details.

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