Getting GDPR Ready

Aldagh McDonogh 15.01.2018

Over the past 12 months Morgan McKinley has embarked on a journey of compliance that has stretched far and wide across our international business.

As a global recruitment consultancy, data is an integral part of our day-to-day operations, and with that we know that there is a significant responsibility on us to manage our data compliantly and with the utmost integrity.

I’m going to give you a rundown of Morgan McKinley’s ‘GDPR-getting ready!’ programme, what has been done so far and what is to come early this year.

Operational Developments

Morgan McKinley has established a global team consisting of 28 individuals who are dedicated to implementing the necessary operational changes across the business. Our team includes a DPO (Data Protection Officer), a project manager and an in-house contracts solicitor.

Our CEO, Pat Fitzgerald; Head of Digital, Stuart McCaul, and all of the global COOs are part of the team who meet regularly with various internal privacy auditors in all our regional locations to review and monitor progress. The privacy auditors are essentially the gatekeepers for compliance across our business globally. They have all completed the GDPR masterclass training from the internationally-acclaimed expert in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Emerald De Leeuw and are equipped with a thorough understanding and awareness of data compliance. As privacy auditors their job is to ensure that the activities on a day-to-day basis across all of our offices are aligned with the GDPR.

IAPP and Morgan McKinley in Partnership

As a part of our GDPR program, we are partnering with International Association of Privacy Professionals in order to support and build a community of privacy professionals globally. There is already an estimated shortage of 20,000 qualified DPOs in the EU and this demand is predicted to rise in the coming years.

Upskilling with the IAPP, the most internationally recognised accreditation in the privacy world, allows professionals in a range of disciplines enhance their experience. We chose to partner with IAPP to support candidates looking to future proof their career with a qualified in-demand skillset.

Our aim, in acting as a Career Ally across our core areas of expertise, is to support the demand for this future talent, by providing professionals with an accredited qualification at reduced cost. Equally it will create a greater pool of professionals to allow employers a greater choice of prospective, available talent to choose from.

Dedicated Recruitment Team    

As an ever-growing recruitment consultancy, we are aware of the commercial opportunity the GDPR poses to our industry. As previously mentioned, there is a shortage of candidates mirrored by anticipated demand for privacy professionals in 2018.

Morgan McKinley has established a team of recruiters in both our Irish and UK operations to tackle the demand for GDPR professionals. The team across multiple disciplines including IT, financial services, compliance, risk, HR and senior appointments are trained in GDPR and subsequently qualified to analyse a business and understand the requirements for GDPR and privacy specialists.

There hasn’t been a time in recent memory where each of our offices globally have come together in such a unified manner to tackle an issue similar in scale to GDPR.  We have confidence in the plan set in place to meet the May 2018 deadline. I am personally very proud of what we have accomplished to date, and although there is plenty more still to be done I can sleep sound knowing our compliance journey is well on track.

Transformation Director