Getting connected: internet and mobile

Dominika Rozycka 22.07.2015

Getting connected to the Internet in Ireland is fairly easy. Options include: dial-up, DSL, Satellite, 3G mobile and cable. Broadband is largely available in Irish cities, but much of the countryside is not yet very well covered.

Broadband service providers include:

3 network

All of these provide bundled broadband and mobile packages.

These providers have high street stores in most cities where you will get personal support and advice on the full range of mobile and internet connections.

You can also obtain pre-paid mobile SIM cards at stores and supermarkets such as Tesco and Aldi.

Fixed telephone connections

There are also many options for fixed telephone connections. Eircom, which was until 1999 a state company, is the major network provider.

Bear in mind that your relationship with a telephone service provider is based on a consumer contract. When shopping around it is important to compare the different terms and conditions which apply in different contracts. So take into account the likely length of your stay in the country before committing to a contract. Other considerations include, for example, prices for line rental and calls. 

Before you change contracts, it is wise to know the specific terms and conditions of your current contract so that you can compare them to the terms and conditions of a new contract.

You can find further information and advice on the Citizens Information Board website.

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