A flexible solution for scaling up and down your workforce

Lisa O Riordan 23.10.2018

A global pharmaceuticals company based in Dublin releasing a new product to the market were unsure of the amount of people required to support their operations. We had been working with this client and offered the option of providing a flexible workforce.

Client: Global Pharmaceutical Company, Dublin

Challenge: Expanding and retracting their workforce as required

Result: 100+ temporary hires to date, successfully managed & payrolled by Morgan McKinley

The client:

With offices in Dublin along with over 40 other countries this multi-billion dollar Pharma company needed to ensure they had adequate staffing to support a new product release.

The challenge:

Scaling up and down a workforce isn’t the easiest of tasks especially when requiring a variety of shift patterns. We discussed a host of options for this client to ensure they had a smooth transition period within their business.

The solution:

At Morgan McKinley we have a Contractor Experience Team who manage the journey for the client and contractors throughout the assignment. Using our Contractor Experience team and Payroll team we were able to offer the client a tailored solution and an efficient payrolling service for their business. With a comprehensive onboarding process the contractors were fully up to speed and ready to hit the ground running with the new project. As the need arose the contractors were extended or moved between shifts at the client request and this was all supported and managed by the Contractor Experience team.

The benefits:

A four week project that has now exceeded four months with no signs of slow down just yet! Speaking to this client they have said they couldn’t have predicted the volume needed for this requirement. The option to be flexible and extend/withdraw workers where required enabled the client to have a successful new product roll out and created millions in revenue.

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