Five tips Learned from Caitlyn Jenner on how to Effectively Market Yourself

Geraldine Butler 11.06.2015

Caitlyn Jenner’s recent reveal as the cover girl of June’s Vanity Fair magazine was a lesson in marketing strategy and how to effectively market yourself.

The image was a viral sensation that spread across social media like wildfire and she broke the world record for the fastest growing Twitter account with over one million followers in four hours. Many have been analysing Jenner’s marketing strategy over the last few weeks and remarking how flawless it has been in terms of marketing your own brand. Here are five tips you can take from Caitlyn to market yourself effectively:

  1. Be Honest and Relatable - Throughout the Diane Sawyer interview Bruce, as she was then known, won over the audience by being completely honest about her journey through her gender struggles. She came across as relatable and broke down the issue of transgender issues in layman’s terms to those unfamiliar and in the process introduced an entire new audience to her and her brand. Being authentic may seem like an obvious one but it is essential to build trust with any audience you are trying to engage, be it at a networking event or at an interview.
  2. Separate Yourself from the Herd - Jenner did this in a very telling way – the choice of spelling Caitlyn with a C rather than a K spoke volumes. It separated her from the Kardashian Empire and positioned her brand away from theirs. Separating yourself from the pack, perhaps by keeping abreast of market trends in your industry and upskilling as necessary, will make you more memorable to a potential employer. 
  3. Position Yourself as a Market Leader - Jenner’s brand is now more focused on bringing awareness to transgender issues and will share her experience transitioning in a warts and all docu-series set to premiere this summer. Through various channels - the Diane Sawyer interview; the Vanity Fair article; and the docu-series – Jenner has become the unofficial spokesperson for the transgender community. While not everyone can have the title of unofficial spokesperson you can become a market expert in your industry. This can be achieved by attending networking events, reading industry blogs and setting up Google alerts for relevant content.
  4. Timing is Everything - The release of the Vanity Fair cover was expertly timed. It happen 24 hours after Kim Kardashian announced her second pregnancy thus making the woman who “broke the internet” a secondary news story. The timing of the cover release also sparked analysis as to whether it was a dig at the family thus resulting in more publicity. It is always important to consider timing if you are reaching out to make new connections. For example, if a company you want to network with recently went through a merger why not send them a bottle of champagne to congratulate them?
  5. Use Social Media to your Advantage - As I mentioned earlier Caitlyn broke a world record as the fastest person to reach one million followers, taking the title from Barack Obama. She has used her Twitter and Instagram accounts to connect with her fans and judging by the sheer volume of followers it is working. Keep your social media profiles up to date with relevant content and make sure that they are representing you in the best light. 


Many people use a marketing strategy when searching for a new role. If you are interested in hearing about new opportunities in Sales and Marketing please don’t hesitate to contact Morgan McKinley for a confidential discussion. 

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