Fears of returning to Ireland?

Anthony Johnson 23.02.2017

Having lived overseas for over four years, with roots becoming firm in Vancouver, I found myself asking, 'should I stay or should I go?”

Just like thousands of other Irish people throughout the last number of years, a life abroad seemed necessary as a step of progression in my career. That is exactly what happened, but with the constant feeling in the back of my head that Vancouver could never be my home as Ireland was, I always kept in mind that one day I would come back to Ireland to plan for the future, but how feasible would it be?

The Ireland I had left behind was a place where a job was a job, progression in careers and disposable income was no longer in the minds of most people. Survival and stability was the main subject of conversation. In my discussions with people in Ireland as well as research carried out, it looked like things had picked up quite a lot since the time I had left. The cities were making great progression and the surrounding counties were slowly following. An influx of new talent was emerging, not only from Ireland, but from all across the globe. One thing that really was becoming evident was the fact that so many of those people who had emigrated during the last number of years, were also going back to Ireland.

There are still a lot of worries for people coming home, such as:

  • the rental market in the major cities; particularly in Dublin
  • the cost of living is quite high, public transportation being quite the issue etc.


Since coming back, I have been successful in obtaining employment with Morgan McKinley, found an apartment in Dublin city which also happens to be a 20 minute walk from work so no need for the additional costs of transportation.

Some luck has played a part in things falling in place for me within the space of five weeks. Some people are not in a situation where they can work in the city, so close to their office, not need a car etc. What I will say is, it can be done if it is what you want. Each person has a direction that they want to go in, but you have to work on it to make it work. I made it my full time job to join the company that I wanted to work with and when that was taken care of, I made it my 9-5 to find an apartment within walking distance of my job. It’s what I wanted and I made it my job to make it happen. 

Whatever direction you want to go in, my advice is to make it your job to make it happen.

But now it is my job along with my colleagues to help those returning, as well as everyone else here in the Dublin market, to find employment. My line is always open to provide any advice or guidance that I can for your next big move and if I am lucky enough to put you in the right direction and find you your next job, all the better. The rest, is up to you but I look forward to helping along the way.

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Team Lead | Funds & Asset Management Recruitment