You’ll be wishing you spoke German to work here

Karine Vatuska 02.02.2018

I’d like to share my visit to this employer in Cork city; a successful technology company. Looking for talented German speakers, I thought it was a good idea to see where our candidates would work.


Their building is huge! And they’re expanding it to accommodate more employees. The building is very modern and with a relaxed atmosphere, very bright and spacious, with a college campus style and only 15 minutes by bus or taxi from Cork train station.


The gym is pretty big and with brand new equipment and there are classes nearly every hour as well as a sport centre with a big space to practise volleyball or basketball or other sports that you may feel up to. And in the changing rooms? Clean and fresh towels provided so you don’t have to bring your own!

They have available at least three different options of canteen, including a new Italian restaurant and a salad bar. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all catered for so you are all sorted for meals throughout the day.

A very good meal, prepared by fantastic chefs, can be purchased for less than €5.00.

There’s even a Wellness Centre, with massages and other facilities. The Health Centre has doctors, dentists and optometrists and picking up prescriptions is not hassle if you pop by the pharmacy station. If you use contact lenses, you can transfer the credit provided for prescription glasses and buy sunglasses instead, for those Irish summer days.

There’s a convenient dry clean service and a travel agency. A good excuse to book holidays and get new sunglasses?

They have a relaxation room where computers and mobiles stay outside.

Relocation support

If you are not in the Republic of Ireland, the company will book and pay for your flight to Ireland, and give you 14 days’ accommodation. Throughout the summer your two weeks’ accommodation is in the UCC (University of Cork City), or can be in a hostel or even a 4 star hotel.

€800 is made available in your bank account once you start plus up to €500 for extra expenses for you, to make sure you can cover your costs in coming to Ireland.

From your first day

Once you have started working, full support is provided to get you a PPS number and open a bank account. They go through the whole process including driving you around on your second day to make sure you get it all sorted.

They have their own store on site, so can have a look on all their range of products to provide support to customers, but also to browse around before you decide to buy something for yourself with up to 75% discount!

Still not enough to make up your mind?

Well, you should know as well that the main reason we have open roles for this employer is that their customers advisors get promotions. It is not only work experience but a life-changing work experience!

So if you are looking for customer support roles in an environment like this and speak fluent German, I would love to hear from you!

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