Everything is of the moment

Morgan McKinley 17.07.2015

I know this is a well-worn phrase. But I find myself using it more and more when speaking with job seekers.

Trying to find that new job can take time, can be frustrating and often can seem very unrewarding for all the effort involved (up to the point of course when you actually land it).

The purpose of this blog is to reassure you that things will work out albeit perhaps within a slightly different time frame than you imagined.

In reality the recruitment process has a number of stakeholders; the applicant, the recruiter, the HR manager and the hiring manager. That’s a lot of players at the table, which depending on their calibre may or may not work in your favour.

The thing to remember though, is just because a company doesn’t call you for interview, it doesn’t mean that a similar company won’t either. Multiple factors will impact this including, how CVs are filtered, the number of applications received, the thoughts of the hiring manager/HR manager as to who they need, cultural fit, the urgency in filling the role and a host of others.

And as people linked to the recruitment process are always changing, all these factors are constantly changing too and therefore of the moment.

It’s important not to let the head go down when you find yourself on the receiving end of what I will call an extended moment where these factors appear to be working disproportionately against you.

My advice is not to become despondent. Don’t write off working for companies just because you applied a year ago and heard nothing back, or because you took a dislike  to one of the stakeholders of the hiring process. To do this is to become stuck in a moment which will ultimately stop you from progressing.

I have seen all sorts of situations, ones where applicants are turned down for a role only to be offered a different one a day later by the same company,  or where applicants who clearly have the required skills don’t even get an interview, or even stranger where an applicant considered to be non-runner actually ends up getting the role.

You would be forgiven for thinking there is no rhyme or reason for this and guess what?........... you’d be right!!

So hang in there if you’re having a tough time, it will pass, and the faster you are able to go with things as they happen the faster the next moment with its unique set of possibilities will be yours.

To quote a Buddha monk: “Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate your mind on the present moment”.


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