Engineering Salary Guide - What are you worth?

Stephen O'Brien 14.02.2014


You have gone through three gruelling rounds of interviews and you are now at offer stage. It is at this stage of the process when it becomes clear that a lot of engineers don’t actually know what salary they should be earning or what their market value is.

Often engineers have been in the one company for a long period of time and are not aware of how the market has changed and whether or not their salary expectation should be going up or down.

Here at Morgan McKinley we conduct a yearly salary guide so engineers can gauge how the market is changing and what the average salary is for their profession. Here is a link to the 2014 Salary Survey. It provides you with a wide range of salaries for different engineering professions and how these salaries vary in different locations throughout Ireland.
So if you an Engineer looking for a career change, contact the Morgan McKinley Engineering team for advice on current opportunities, salary guides and much more.
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Ideal opportunity for a Quality Engineer in Limerick to join a reputable company on an initial contract
Excellent Quality & compliance opportunity within a growing business in Cork
Excellent permanent opportunity for a Validation Engineer who wants to join a growing Med-Device company in Cork