Engineering recruitment trends in Ireland

Eleanor Collins 06.01.2012

Contrary to popular opinion which concedes the Irish engineering sector to be dead on its feet, there continues to be an increased demand for skilled engineers, albeit highly specific; there are opportunities out there...for the lucky ones anyway!

The biggest barrier standing in the way of numerous highly skilled and talented engineers is rooted in the rigidity of companies not to accept that key engineering skills, such as design, project management, people management, trouble-shooting & fault analysis, are very much transferable to other industries!

However, there have been glimmers of hope recently that companies are changing their mindsets. For example; they will consider engineers from the semiconductors industry for roles within pharmaceuticals or aeronautical engineers wanting to move into medical devices. This is a trend we all hope to see grow in 2012!

Towards the end of 2011 we noticed a significant increase in engineering jobs, the demand being lead by key industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, electronics…the majority of which are very much export lead.

I am currently working with companies that are crying out for chemical engineers, avionics design engineers, CI/LSS engineers and quality engineers amongst others; the demand is outweighing the supply in certain areas, which should be a motivator for engineers amongst the rubble of our current recession.

Interestingly enough there’s been a flicker of new design roles, not only across manufacturing but construction related design roles too, which is key to the recovery of our construction industry. I wouldn’t advise engineers to cut short their healthy careers developed in thriving economies quite yet, however over the next couple of years the engineering industry in Ireland will hopefully get back to a more sustainable state so that people aren’t forced to leave the country.

On that note I would invite any engineers – process, mechanical, electrical, chemical, maintenance, aeronautical, design etc looking for their next career move to contact me today.

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