Employment Law – What you need to know!

David Cooney 19.01.2017

Thanks to all who attended our Employment Law event this morning.

Anne O'Connell of Sherwin O'Riordan brought some great takeaways from her session; Particularly her advice on 'Reasonable Accommodation' and 'Disability Discrimination'. This topic spurred specific questions relating to current concerns among attendees. Legal case-studies were discussed, along with relevant advice on accommodating and managing these needs within the workforce.  

Anne’s advice was greatly received by attendees, who sparked interesting discussions around 'Reasonable Accommodation'. This can be an extremely grey area for employers - What constitutes ‘Reasonable’? She outlined the growth in the demand within the Occupational Therapist business of late, due to many assessments requested to ensure both care of the employee along with compliance within regulations. Her advice: Trust the doctor or healthcare professional to diagnose, and work from that basis. Employers should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Evidence that they have considered alternative roles. This should be done in collaboration with the employee taking on board their views and also the available medical evidence.
  • The consideration of alternative roles should be supported by documentary evidence where possible.
  • Alternative roles may involve looking at the adaptation or redistribution of tasks, however this does not extend to creating a new role. 
  • The employer’s efforts in considering alternative roles will be judged by reference to the size of the organisation and the financial resources available to them.


We hope to invite Anne for further talks throughout 2017, as the appetite for guidance from a legal perspective from our attendees was evident. She brings a huge amount of expertise to this topic, and regularly lectures and provides specific industry led talks on Employment Law.

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