Employers: considered how to attract applicants in a candidate-driven market?

April Fenton 24.02.2014
I think everyone will agree that for a number of years it was an employer's market.  To some extent, in certain areas of the country, it still is. However, employers need to realise that now HR candidates, both specialists and generalists, have more choice and there's limited room for complacency.
Here are some tips that will help you as an employer to secure that perfect new employee:
  • Be clear on the skills, knowledge and attributes you are looking for in advance of starting your search. Be aware of the areas where there can be some flexibility.
  • Work out your timeline for when you would like someone on board and work backwards from this. Do not start the search too early or you will loose momentum and potentially the job seeker’s interest.
  • If one of the hiring managers is away during the process (either expectedly or otherwise) this is going to a slow down in the hiring process. Make sure that you let your recruiter know this so that they can manage the job seekers expectations.
  • Be aware of the skills pressure points in the market and if there is a shortage in a certain area, don’t be afraid to speed up the process when required. Some companies that we work with conduct multiple rounds of interviews over a number of months. The cost alone should be enough to make companies analyse their recruitment process.
  • Put yourself in the job seekers shoes, how many interviews would you be prepared to sit through before you start worrying that this is a reflection of the bureaucracy of the company and loose interest accordingly?
  • Consider how difficult it can be for people to take time off for interviews. Most people are committed and loyal (which let’s face it are the type or people that we are looking to hire) so be prepared to be flexible in making yourselves available for interviews ie. before and after work or during lunch time.
  • Arrogance is never a particularly popular characteristic is an employer. Whether you are representing an MNC or SME, most people want to work for an employer that is fair, honest, professional and considerate.
  • Bear in mind that while the interviewee is of course selling themselves to you, the interviewer also needs to sell themselves to the candidate.
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