The early bird (job seeker) catches the worm!

Darragh McCarthy 06.12.2017

If you're even curious about a new role, here's why now is a very advantageous time for you to apply and get in front of key hiring mangers...

As always, Christmas time is a hectic time of year. With a mix of Christmas parties, Christmas shopping and company year ends, it’s safe to say everyone is “busy busy” on all fronts!

On the job front many people put future job opportunities to the back of their minds and promise themselves that they will pursue their dream move in January. The one issue with this mentality is everyone else is thinking the same thing; so why not be different?

The smartest job seekers can beat the January rush by not waiting until the new year. Now is the best time to act! Don’t procrastinate like everyone else. Just update that CV now and get it sent to the agency or the company of your choice. By doing this, not only will your CV not join the towering piles of applications on the recruiters desk in January, you also get a better chance to discuss in detail your future prospects and see what opportunities are available or becoming available in the New Year.

This is not only productive on the job searching front but also shows real ambition and drive on your part, two assets that every hiring manager and recruiter search for in a potential employee.  

Would you not consider your job to be a priority or one of your priorities in your life? After all you do spend 30% of your time at work! If so then why not prioritise it this Christmas too? I’m sure the Christmas shopping can wait a day or two, some opportunities won’t wait!

Get in touch with Morgan McKinley today to discuss current and future opportunities. Beat the rush in January…after all the early CV often gets the job in the world of recruitment

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Manager | Supply Chain & Procurement