Don't waste time, Manage it!

As a recruiter, we have many activities which are an integral part of the day to day. There is lots of information available that enables us to measure productivity and stay on track. This guidance is great, but is it preventing us from achieving ‘smart activity’?

This got me thinking about my own role. I began my career in recruitment in May of this year and a big part of my role is focusing on my activity with clients and candidates. I must ensure that I’m constantly engaging with HR candidates and clients alike in the National Market.

When I looked back on my first few months in my role and analysed it , I realised that I definitely spent too much time on some activities and possibly not enough on others. I focused on the wrong tasks, which led to a month that was lacking ‘smart activity’. It was unproductive, and left me feeling a little bit deflated. I focused too much on numbers, and not enough on the desired outcome of the activity. I was in a very target focused mindset and when I was trying to hit one target, I was falling short on another, and instead of focusing my attention elsewhere, I kept going, all just to hit a number.

However, when August rolled around, I had a catch up with my manager. We reviewed the month previous and realised that while July was not what I had hoped for, it was simply a learning curve. I learnt something extremely important, in that day to day work activity is about achieving quality outcomes as opposed to doing something for the sake of it or just to hit a number! Time management is an essential ingredient in being a successful recruiter as is focusing on the priority tasks at hand. However, it can be one of the more difficult tasks to master.

It is important that you look at how you manage your time. I read this article with interest which has some great tips and tricks for managing your time both personally and professionally. Sometimes all you need is another perspective on the task at hand, to realise where you may or may not be going wrong.

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