Four reasons not to be spooked by recruitment agencies

David Foley 31.10.2017

Working professionals have developed a fear of recruitment agencies and as a result they have created a hurdle that is preventing them from advancing to the next step in their career – These fears should be banished once and for all!

For one reason or another some people have a fear of recruitment, recruiters and/or the whole recruitment process. Halloween is now creeping up on us and with it comes scary movies, scary costumes and scary stories but one thing people should not fear is recruitment agencies.

Here are four key benefits that you can gain from using a Morgan McKinley recruiter:

1. CV Advice

There are many rumors about how little time employers spend reviewing any individual CV. A quantitative eye tracking study has determined that employers spend only 6 seconds reviewing a resume. In order to make those 6 seconds count you should enlist the expertise of a Morgan McKinley Recruiter who can provide you with advice on how to format your CV and what material you should include / exclude.

Here is some CV advice from one of our experts.

2. Interview Preparation and Tips

This is often the biggest obstacle or fear that candidates face when it comes to recruitment. The truth is that almost all of us have made a mess of at least one interview before! What is the key to a successful interview?! One word – Preparation.

In Morgan McKinley we go above and beyond for our candidates and as part of our service we will fully ‘prep’ you for your interview. This interview prep will have you excited and confident when facing an interview panel to give you every chance of securing that dream role you have always wanted. Here is an excellent guide on how to prepare for an interview.

3. Salary Guide

Morgan McKinley’s annual salary guide is a huge benefit to both employees and employers. Did you know that salary increases in 2016 will be in the range of 10%, rising to 15-20% for specialist positions in sectors where there are skills shortages, including Life Sciences, IT, Accounting & Finance, Science and Engineering? Have you received an increase? If not, ask yourself why not? Maybe you are undervalued in your current role and maybe there are better opportunities for you out there. This brings me to my final and most important point…

4. Market Experts

Morgan McKinley recruiters are experts in their respective markets. Most agencies’ recruiters work multiple markets dividing their time between finance, IT, engineering, sales and marketing etc. That’s not what we do. Our recruiters focus on their own markets. For example our finance recruiters spend 100% of their time focusing and working on the finance market. This allows them to become experts in that area and they then use that expertise to advise and help their finance candidates. They have insights into recruitment market trends and most importantly they are constantly working the hottest jobs in the finance market.

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