Demand growing for engineers in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries

Stephen O'Brien 17.04.2018

Most in-demand & highest paying engineering roles

  1. ​Design engineers: mechanical / electrical / electronic 
  2. Quality engineers
  3. Automation engineers 


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Desirable skills & qualifications

One qualification leading the way in terms of engineering opportunities is the Level 8 Engineering Degree, coinciding with this is attaining a QP qualification is invaluable in engineering employment. Being upskilled in automation systems for all requirements including Siemens automation systems and Allen Bradley which will help improve productivity and flexibility.  The DeltaV simplifies operational complexity and lowers project risk. 

Both the pharmaceutical and medical device industries are growing – they have showed stable and continual growth for many years so having experience in these fields are extremely relevant.  We are seeing an increased in demand for automotive, electronics and electrical backgrounds.

Job seeker & hiring manager motivations

Engineering professionals, changing roles, have been gaining at least a 12.5% increase in their salary or even higher. Many companies are boosting their salary packages to include more medical benefits, vehicles, the opportunity to work from home in order to retain key staff and attract talented professionals from overseas who are used to such “extras”.

The demand for staff will only increase as we continue to move into 2018, as more companies will recruit to ensure that returning professionals are informed about the salary packages and career prospects being offered here. This will play a vital role in ensuring that supply is maintained.

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