Cover Letter Template for Planners to Production Managers

Over the course of 2018 I have been asked “Do you have a cover letter template you could send me?” more times than ever before. 

I’m taking an educated guess in saying this is due to the rise in employment in Ireland with more people being on the market looking for a new exciting opportunity to challenge and develop their careers. 

Fun fact:  Supply Chain salaries continue to be sensitive to market demands with a projected 3–5% increase for 2018.

So, when answering the question “Do you have a cover letter template you could send me?” my honest answer is no. No, I don’t have a template because cover letters should be natural, unique and tailored to the job you are applying to.

So here are my top 5 tips on how to right a brilliant cover letter. 

  1. Personalise everything 

Tailor your cover letter to EVERY job; don’t copy and paste it for every application and make sure that you know the name of the person you are sending your CV to. Susan is more likely to take note of a candidate that took a bit of time to find the right person on LinkedIn. 

  1. Do your research

Understand what the company do; not all medical device companies use the same machinery or systems, if you notice similarities in your experience from reading the job spec make sure to let them know. 

  1. Be brief and to the point

Let’s be honest, if this is a juicy new job posting with an up and coming Supply Chain Centre of Excellence in Dublin, it’s probably going to get a lot of applications. Don’t bore your recruiter or hiring manager by writing a full page essay on how “loyal” you are. Be snappy and to the point. 

  1. First impressions count

To save repeating yourself if you can at all, add your cover letter to the body of the email. You’ve just spent 20 minutes putting together a unique cover letter; let this be their first impression of you, not 
“Hey Susan, Please see attached”

  1. Please, Spell Check!

I may be contradicting myself here and not following my own tip #4 by repeating myself here but, First Impressions Count. Double and triple check every word. It doesn’t matter what level role you are applying for; whether you’re a Production Operator with little experience or a Procurement Manager with 6 reports, spelling is key. 

For more advice on Cover Letter’s, CV’s, Interview Tips and More get in touch with myself on or any of our Supply Chain team here.

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