Contracting tech jobs: Advantages and misconceptions

Chris Hartnett 28.04.2017

There is an increase in software development contract jobs across Java, .Net, PHP and Python in the Munster area.

IT recruitment in the Munster area has had the busiest start to a calendar year in recent memory. We’re experiencing a strong increase in hiring across multiple sectors, particularly in Cork, Limerick and Galway.

While there is undoubtedly a steady stream of full-time opportunities in Cork , there is an influx in the number of contract positions especially in software development across .net, Java, PHP and Python. T

here is a perception that making the transition from a permanent position to a contract position is complicated, this is not the case. In fact, becoming a contractor is easier than you think and has many advantages, some of which include:


When working as a contractor the exposure to new challenges is a great advantage. Not only does it allow you to gain exposure to multiple languages and learn different frameworks, it also gives you the opportunity to work on numerous projects. Often, what I see in the Cork market is that Software Developers in permanent positions are focused on one project whereas, on a contract, getting to work on several projects is common, allowing you to add another string to your bow.

Technical expertise

In the last number of years, there has been a shift to full stack development. I’m seeing candidates adding to their skill-set consistently, particularly on the frontend with the likes of JavaScript, Angular, React, Ext, Vue, Node, Bootstrap. The reason for the increase in software developers skills is down to working contract positions and gaining a fresh challenge every six to 12 months within a job-rich market. 


As mentioned earlier, there is a stigma attached to becoming a contractor. More often than not, many skilled Software Developers are open to taking contract opportunities but get put off by ‘the complicated process’, this is a thought that can be added to the never ending list of urban myths – like the Loch Ness Monster!

When setting yourself up as a contractor, it’s as simple as making one phone call. You have the choice between registering a limited company by setting up an umbrella company or continuing to be a PAYE employee by being added to the company payroll.

At Morgan McKinley we have a dedicated Contractor Experience Team that take make the transition from permanent to contract as easy as possible. They provide you with various options and advise which is best for you depending on your situation. 

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