Comp & Ben Talent - where are you???

April Fenton 27.04.2017

There has been an increased demand in the market over the past few months for talented Compensation & Benefits professionals - this demand is spread right across a variety of sectors and industries.

We are working with clients within FMCG, Construction, Food Production, Financial Services and Pharmaceutical sectors who are all looking for comp & ben talent for their teams in Dublin. 

A key trend emerging right now is for candidates with global/international comp & ben experience as organisations here are building out their teams and looking for people with a breadth of experience to focus on Irish and international activity and projects. 

Here's a sample of roles we are currently recruiting however, we have many opportunities in this niche area of HR right now. 

Compensation Analyst

Compensation & Benefits Manager

If you are an experienced Reward or Compensation & Benefits professional contemplating a move from your current role or perhaps you are overseas and thinking about returning to Ireland, get in touch - we would love to hear from you!

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Client Solutions Manager