A brief survival guide to the office Christmas party

Sinead O'Dwyer 29.11.2017

I saw a Facebook status over the weekend: “Waking up the morning after your Christmas party and realising you have to hand in your notice after your carry-on.”

In modern day lingo the above is known as “The Fear”. After a night of drinking (and potentially some memory loss and/or vivid flashbacks) you dread the thoughts of going into work on Monday and facing your audience. Chances are other people are in the exact same boat as you and your premature panicking is thankfully more than likely about nothin

Just make sure to avoid these blunders:

Be comfortable in what you’re wearing

You’re ditching the suit and it’s your time to shine. However, there’s often two reoccurring self-proclaimed problems with your office Christmas party outfit:

It’s not appropriate

Even though you were dead set on it in the dressing room, you can now feel all your colleagues judging you. This is likely not to be the case but you “can feel it” and the tugging & pulling of the dress begins along with the slugging back of the free wine. Sooner rather than later your back in Heidi Klum mode…but you can’t remember your main course.

It doesn’t fit

It was tight when you bought it but you planned on losing a few pounds. It’s the day before the party and the pounds haven’t shifted so you resort to a liquid diet. Fool proof eh? The dress fits like a glove, in thanks mainly to an empty stomach. Pour some more of that free wine on top of it & you likely won’t make the DJ. As a wise woman would always say “make sure to line your stomach & buy a bigger size”

Don’t make your plea for a promotion

Your manager is as human as you and wants to enjoy their Christmas party and not have the ear burnt off them with what you deem to be your successes of the year and how you drove the team forward. Talk to them about the weather, Santa, their outfit, their dog…but leave a promotion/salary increase off the table.

Don’t be caught gossiping about colleagues

With drink & a relaxed atmosphere people’s tongues can come a bit looser. While you think your bathroom chat about that time “Joe did this” & “Jane said that” is as safe as houses and they “promise it won’t go back”, chances are in some way it will & you will be caught front, row & centre. Don’t say anything about a colleague that you wouldn’t say to that same colleague.

Think before confessing your love

I won’t say don’t confess your love to a colleague (the statistics about work relationships & marriage are impressive), but I will say think before you do. Chances are if you are only discovering on the night that you “really fancy Bríd” or “you think you love Tom” you don’t and it’s best not to say or act like you do. If you wake up the next morning and you still feel like you love them, then say at after giving it a bit more thought at a more appropriate moment.

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