Brexit affecting the Transport & Logistics market... In a positive way!

Gearoid Collins 19.05.2017

At the moment transport of cars being imported from the UK to Ireland is certainly booming.

As of today, 1 British Pound equates to 1.17 Euro so there is value to be had from importing from the UK. Transport promotes Trade and International Trade promotes Imports/Exports, Shipping and Freight. These are areas which I actively recruit for and the Brexit effect is actively effecting my market... in a positive way! 

I recently drove past a renowned car dealer that appeared to be non-existent this time last year. It’s now overflowing with quality used cars and judging by my Facebook updates it’s not alone! Drive past many second dealer these days and you’re likely to see a car park stacked with quality brand name cars such as BMW and Audi. How, where and why are these cars all of sudden so plentiful in Ireland? The answer is simple – Brexit! While this isn’t good news for car dealers looking to sell new cars or existing second hand cars in Ireland, it's great news for people looking to source an upgrade on their 15 year old car. Freight companies that I work with take the stress away from physically importing these such cars for you by providing door to door services through collecting, shipping and delivering the car to you.

Despite the still uncertainty around Brexit and what it means for the Irish economy, we are seeing a surge in quality used cars being imported into Ireland at competitive prices so, this can only be seen as a positive for the average man on the street. Importing from the UK is on the rise and there are opportunities in abundance for Transport & Logistics professional because of this. If you are a Transport & Logistics professional and would like to know more about Transport and Logistics jobs in this country then, feel free to reach out to me in confidence about current roles.

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