All I want for Christmas is a new job!

Eleanor Collins 09.11.2018

7 Weeks till the Christmas break so it’s your last chance to secure that NEW JOB in 2018 and kick off 2019 with a fresh start!

November and December is the time of year we put in the hard yards to push for a Successful Finish to 2018, this requires longer hours, late nights, digging deep for that last bit of motivation to ensure you get that bonus and promotion early in 2019 OR you could explore the jobs market and secure career move that could satisfy all of the above!

For the MMK Engineering Team December is historically a busy month for candidates securing their next career move! It’s that time of year where to honestly ask yourself is this the role I want to come back to after the Christmas break?
Is my position aligned for career progression next year? Did my appraisal meeting match up to my expectations on progression and Salary?  If you are unsure of any of these questions why not explore the Irish Engineering Market we have numerous roles that must close off in 2018 across Maintenance, Facilities, Manufacturing, Automation, Quality, Validation, R&D, Design, Engineering Contracts and Senior Appointments. See All Engineering Jobs Here.

If you are keen to secure the role in 2018 talk to the MMK Engineering Team, if you are feeling doubtful about your prospects in your current role and company get yourself in the mix because we have already started 2019 processes for managers who have the 2019 headcount approval through!

If you’re not in you can’t win! Finally, a leaving party mixed with the Christmas Party always ensures a great send off! 

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Associate Director