All I want for Christmas is a new job

Sarah Owen 04.12.2017

With Christmas fast approaching and the new year around the corner, here's three reasons why December is in fact the best month to job search...

New Year, new challenge

Does your current job challenge you or have you out grown it?

A job with little or no challenge can have a number of negative effects, both on your current job and career as a whole. You may slip into bad work habits, such as surfing the internet or constantly checking your mobile to pass time. Your morale could plummet, leaving you unenthusiastic and not ready to jump on opportunities when they arise. And your manger and team may notice your boredom and take it as a sign that you're not a valuable employee.

You owe it to your long-term career goals to stay challenged and find a job that will support this.

Companies are reviewing their budgets and headcount

Often companies who have not used all of their budget for the year will increase their recruitment requirements in December. Companies will not be able to carry this budget into   the next and will need to get the recruitment process started prior to the end of the year. We also often see process that have been previously sluggish actually pick up in December.

People have a preconceived idea that recruitment slows down in December

There is wider thinking that recruitment processes slow down or come to a halt in December. This is in fact not the case. December is like any other month, people are promoted and people leave creating immediate job opportunities. If you are looking for work in December you will have less competition against others, giving you more options and more likelihood of securing your dream job.

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Associate Director | Financial Services