Advancing Technology - Are we becoming the zombie nation?

Louise O'Neill 10.10.2017

With the release of FIFA 2018 on September 29th, I spent my last weekend dodging the living room in fear of having to spend longer than three minutes looking at a far too life-like version of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Having never been a gamer, I find it difficult to comprehend why people would queue at mid-night just to get their hands on the newest version of a video game (which in my opinion, given its saucy price tag, is not much different to last years’ version – there I said it!) 
I was recently told that I spent too much time as a child “climbing trees”, when I was asked to partake in a multiplayer Wii game and discovered after about twenty minutes that I was holding the remote (is this the right word?) upside-down. The eight year old in the room confessed she felt bad for killing me off in the game, but truth be told, I was glad she put me out of my misery. Now, I’m not judging those of you who enjoy endless hours sitting in front of a television killing zombies, or playing football with your make believe team, I myself am guilty of spending too much time on technology, but I do think it’s time to ask – are we turning into the zombie nation? Is modern technology taking over our lives? 
The irony of this blog of course, is that I am writing it on my laptop with my phone sitting next to me as the Xbox blares out some show on Netflix next door. Being in the IT recruitment industry, I speak to candidates all day that work to enhance the IT environment around us, but as we don’t know the long term effects of the technical environment we are creating, one has to wonder are we doing more harm than good with all of these technical advancements? With statistics showing that the average adult attention span is down from twelve seconds in 2000, to eight seconds now in 2017, it will be interesting to see what those statistics will be in ten years’ time as technology advances even further. If like me, you are a little concerned about the effects of modern technology then maybe try the three basic tips below to reduce your time on technical devices throughout the day.
1. Leave the phone at home – go for your evening walk or to the gym without it, if it’s not on you, you won’t feel the need to check it for updates, notifications, missed calls or text messages. It’s only an hour, two maximum, but I believe you will enjoy your time exercising without much more. 
2. Try not to use your phone just before going to bed – the light and quick flicking through Facebook or breaking news will result in your brain being in over-drive before you attempt to go to sleep. Swap the phone for a book, let your brain rest. 
3. Turn your email off – I am constantly on email in work, I check it every ten minutes for updates, be it to arrange calls with candidates who can’t speak while at work, to arrange interviews, office updates. It’s a major distraction – it breaks concentration levels especially if you are in the middle of a search or a call. Try to close your email for even an hour and productively get that tedious task out of the way before re-opening it. 
With Apple celebrating ten years since the launch of the first iPhone – that’s right, ten years we have been growing more and more dependent on our phones, I propose we step away from the technology before we really do become the zombie nation.
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