Accountants - How to significantly increase your earning potential!

James Gallagher 30.07.2012

It's the question that every professional should have at the back of their mind. What can I do to make myself more employable in today's jobs market and increase my earning potential at the same time?

One suggestion I would make is to consider learning another European language.

Many large and multi-national companies require that their qualified accountants are fluent in a second European language.

Here are three reasons why becoming fluent in at least one other European language makes practical commercial sense for your future earning potential:

1. Ongoing career opportunities: A significant proportion of the organisations targeted under the IDA's FDI strategy use Ireland as their primary accounting/finance centre for their entire European operations. With Germany and France being two of the largest economies within the EU, it is only logical that any organisation looking to expand into, or grow their existing operations in Europe will target these countries.

2. Lower competition for vacancies: Due to the historic lack of focus on ensuring that secondary school students have a high level of fluency (both verbal and written) in European languages, the number of accountants with fluency in a second European language is quite low; consequently, the number of qualified accountants competing for accounting/finance vacancies, which have a requirement for fluency in a second European language, is significantly lower than those vacancies not requiring a second language!

3. Higher salaries: It is far more likely that you will earn a higher salary if you are a qualified accountant fluent in a second Europan language in comparison to a candidate who only speaks English. You see, it stands to reason that if there is an ongoing demand for qualified accountants with a second European language, and there is a shortage in supply, then a premium will always be paid to secure the services of such individuals.

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