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Finding somewhere to live

The cost of renting and buying accommodation in Ireland can vary greatly depending on where you are based. Rent for a single room in the suburbs starts at around €350 per month excluding utility bills. Rent for a two-bedroom apartment outside Dublin and Cork ranges from €450 - €700 per month. In both Cork and Dublin you can expect to pay anywhere between €900 and €1,600 per month for something similar, with Dublin at the more expensive end of this bracket. Rent is usually payable a month in advance and with an initial deposit of one or two months. 

The asking price of a three-bedroom house ranges from €120,000 to €200,000 outside County Dublin. Entering into the greater Dublin area prices increase to approximately €200,000 to €350,000. City centre prices still remain extremely high with apartments pricing between €300,000 and €800,000.

The following websites are best for finding a place to either rent or buy. 

Estate agents and newspapers in your locality are also worth a look.

Bills and expenses

Electricity and gas are supplied by the ESB, Bord Gais and Airtricity, all of whom can provide advice on setting up or transferring accounts. Cable television is provided by NTL and Sky. You will also need a television licence, which costs €160 per year and can be obtained from any post office.


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