8 reasons why you should date an accountant

Niamh McCarthy 10.02.2018

With Valentine's Day upon us, many people's thoughts turn to love. People in certain professions such as firemen, nurses and musicians have traditionally been viewed as being attractive, here's why accountants should be on that list:

  1. Out for dinner and need to calculate a tip? Your date will handle this
  2. Accountants are great decision-makers, no need to worry about what to do on your next date
  3. They’re ethical. Accountants abide by strict accounting standards
  4. They’re also good at finding loopholes. Accountants know the rules so well, they can make them work for you
  5. Intelligence is attractive
  6. Accountants are not afraid of commitment. (They stuck with accounting, right?)
  7. They’ll take the fear out of money matters. Date an accountant, and there’s no need to fear being audited
  8. They know all the rules for making tax savings


So remember next time they say "I'm an Accountant", rejoice because these are the perks you can look forward to. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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