5 tips to prepare for your New Year's job search

Andrea Daly 19.12.2017

It's no secret January is a busy month for job seekers. As many people have some time off over Christmas it can be an ideal time to prepare your job hunt.

Companies will have a new budget for the coming year and they will be in a position to move on roles that might have previously been on hold.

Here are five tips to help you be prepared:

Update your CV

Use this time wisely and update your CV making it as relevant as possible. This might mean updating your job title, your day to day duties or even your qualifications. If all your skills are not listed on your CV a potential employer will just presume you don’t have experience in this area. The person reviewing your CV is not a mind reader!

Research the market

Do research on the job market, find out:

  • Which companies are hiring?
  • How can you get your CV in front of them?
  • Who are the target companies that appeal to you in your industry?


Be organised and have a plan of action when starting your search.

Update or create your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is becoming more and more important in the world of recruitment. Even when companies receive your CV, they will still check out your LinkedIn profile. If there are discrepancies between the two it reflects badly on you and plants a seed of doubt in their mind regarding your credibility.


Use this time to contact old employers and ask their permission to use them as references on your CV. The last thing you want is to be at offer stage only to delay the process to track down people from your past.

Enjoy Christmas

Last but not least enjoy your Christmas holidays and go into the New Year with a positive attitude. Take this time to recharge your batteries and start your job search in January full of energy and enthusiasm.

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Manager - Managed Services