5 tips to help you to ace your phone/video interview;

Chris Hartnett 04.09.2018

I find that there are lots of Web and Mobile Development candidates that are actively looking to relocate to the likes of Cork, Limerick, or Galway.

Others simply cannot make it from one side of the city to the other during their lunch break. An efficient solution to this is a video or phone call. 
Everyone approaches interviews differently, some people get stressed and flustered, others tend to take a quiet, yet confident approach. I wanted to provide some simple, effective tips for an initial phone screen. While a phone call can be perceived as a more informal interview, it’s important to remember the following tips;

  1. Be prepared: If you’re speaking with a DevOps Manager then it’s important to review the job description so that you know, for example, the tools that they use in their technical environment. It’s also important to review the company’s website and the employees on LinkedIn. This way, you might find some commonalities (e.g. Alumni from your University, or mutual connections). As a famous Corkman once said, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.
  2. Surroundings: It’s exceptionally important that you find the right place to take your interview call. I would recommend a place that is quiet, with no background noise. Also, somewhere where you can speak openly, you don’t want to be mid conversation, speaking about the benefits of using Angular 2 over AngularJS and have to stop or lower your tone so that a passer-by doesn’t hear. When taking the call, make sure that you’re not in a place where your reception or internet connection can suddenly drop.
  3. Communication: Another factor to consider is how you communicate your answers during the interview. When asked to give an example of when you were tasked to build a mobile application from scratch using Xamarin, I would recommend the STAR Technique. This is a handy way of not losing your train of thought during your answer. STAR stands for; Situation, Task, Action Result – very helpful when talking about ideation to release of the latest version of mobile applications. 
  4. Battery: This might sound simple, but it’s an oversight that you won’t want to fall for. We’ve all been there, you’re waiting for an Uber, about to click purchase on your online order, and your battery dies. One of the most frustrating things that can happen, especially when you’re in the middle of something! Imagine how frustrating it is when you’re in the middle of a conversation to secure the React role that you’ve always wanted and your phone or laptop dies?! Tip number 4 is to charge your battery the night before your interview.
  5. Know Yourself: Again, this might sound like something simple but I can’t stress its importance. I’d always recommend having a copy of your own CV open or printed on front of you. It will act as a reminder for you of dates, job titles, and responsibilities. In addition to that, I’d also suggest that you know your motivations for seeking new employment; you want to work with the latest technology on a daily basis, you want to be a part of a high performing team, you want to be part of a company that invests in their employees. 
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