5 reasons why you should consider working the late shift

Breda Fitzgerald 07.11.2017

As more and more companies operate 24 hours per day, there are ever increasing opportunities in the industry for shift work Supervisors.

Shift work creates several productivity advantages for companies, but it also has its advantages for its employees. Speaking with candidates for these types of roles can be difficult as sometimes they tend to forget the many benefits of working late shifts. 

Here are my top five reasons why you should apply for shift work:


The majority of companies pay a shift allowance so this is a great opportunity to make more money, especially if you have a mortgage hanging over you or with Christmas drawing near some extra cash will come in handy over the festive season. 


Maybe you have put the course you have been dreaming of on the long finger for far too long, the late shift can sometimes makes it easier for you to attend courses during the day and pursue further education.


There are fewer people to compete with in the night shift. This gives you an opportunity to shine and gain the experience you need to take your career to the next level.


You can attend to activities during the day within your own time, for example, paying bills and banking. You also have an opportunity to spend more time with your family during the day, helping out with school runs, for example.

Unique Opportunities

Night shifts tend to have less staff; greater autonomy, independence, thus you get to double up on your responsibilities, allowing you to feel empowered and learn new skills. This helps you grow your experience and before long you have got that dream promotion.

The preference will vary from one individual to another. I suggest focusing on yourself and your career goals before making a final decision.

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