4 Tips to Hiring the Best Java Developers

Siobhain Rushe 05.06.2015

It’s becoming more and more difficult to come across accomplished Java developers in Ireland.

Bearing this in mind, these following tips can help to make sure that you hire best developers on the market – these can help your organisation stand out against the competition!

1. The Job Specification

It is apparent that there is an excessive number of roles on the market at present. Senior developers are receiving numerous job specifications on a daily basis, so it is imperative to grab the attention of developers by selling the role.
To quickly grab developer’s attention, hiring managers need to explain all the benefits of working with your firm versus your competitor – this can be outlining all the current technologies that you’re firm is working with, that you get free coffee every morning or that your company offers free gym membership. By stating what sets you apart from your competitors can really generate ‘hype’ about why the best should join you!

2. Reviewing CVs

As Java Developers are so sought after within IT some companies are speeding up the interview process and getting offers out to candidates to secure their services. My advice would be for you to set up a decisive strategy for reviewing CVs and picking candidates to interview. Hiring managers need to make sure that they don’t lose out on your perfect developer due to poor interview structure. My advice would be to set aside some time each day to look through applicants CVs and if you are interested in certain developers, try and set up interviews there and then.

3. The Interview Process

Depending on if companies are looking for contract or permanent resources, companies tend to have a 2-3 stage interview process when hiring an employee. This process can be broken into the following: a technical test, phone interview, human resource interview and an interview with hiring manager. 
For a permanent hire this process can take up to 4 weeks and when you get ready to put an offer together, your desired candidate could have numerous offers. One solution to help to eliminate the competition for this could be to combine the interview processes into fewer stages. For example, instead of setting up different stages of interviews over to course of a number of weeks – you could try and combine them. By combining the process into more condensed stages can enable you to get the upper hand on your competitors!

4. Offer

Developers are demanding a higher and higher salary/daily rates and benefits package as the work becomes more demanding and developers are becoming more sought after. This is also apparent on their end as they know how pursued they are. Therefore it is quite important that hiring managers remain flexible and open to negotiation at this point. Obviously, budgets are in place, and it may sometimes not be conceivable to raise your salary band. However, there are always other ways of enticing your next hire with some extra benefits - for example a performance based bonus or offering greater career progression.

As an experienced skilled Java Contract Consultant, I can give you market information and advise you on your next hire. 

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