4 Signs it’s Time to Change your Career

Lisa O Riordan 03.01.2019

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” - John F. Kennedy

Changing career can be daunting. Why would I leave everything I know, I have friends here, I’ve been here so long, and what will everyone say? Some common thoughts that go through your head when considering a move. As someone who has recently moved jobs I know oh too well. It took me months to be 100% sure a change was right for me and I am glad to say I haven’t looked back since. If you are considering packing it all in, in search of something new then there is probably a reason you’re having those thoughts. You should never dread going to work – if you do, something isn’t right.

If you continue doing what you are doing then you will continue to get what you are getting. If you aren’t happy in your job it won’t change unless you do something about it. Here are some common signs to help you realise it’s time for a change:

  1. Lack of Challenge

You shouldn’t feel bored in work. You should be challenged. No one wants to be constantly clock watching. Fact of the matter is if your potential isn’t valued or being pushed, it is very difficult to remain motivated. If you’re constantly coming up with new ideas and your boss wants to ‘do it like we always did’ it is very hard to stay engaged.

  1. Work-Life Balance

When work becomes your life, you have a problem. We always hear the term work-life balance but at the end of the day what is it all about?

“A balance between an individual’s work and their life outside work, and that this balance should be healthy. Work-life balance accepts that choice, control and flexibility are important in work, that personal fulfilment is important outside work and, further, that satisfaction outside work may enhance employee’s contributions to work” Kodz, Harper & Dench (2002)

If you are always working or worrying about work then quiet simply you do not have a healthy work-life balance. You only get one shot at this life malarkey so as Oasis said ‘don’t look back in anger’ and regret spending it all at work.

  1. Your employer's values

You and the organisation you work for have different ethical or moral views. You feel you are always battling between what you feel is the ‘right thing to do’ and what your employer wants you to do. If you find you are always compromising your own personal morals or what you feel is right then chances are you need to look elsewhere.

  1. Negativity

Plain and simple – this job is making you negative. All you do is complain about work at work and continue to complain about work at home. It is driving you and everyone around you crazy. You know you’re not happy, everyone around you can see you’re unhappy so do something about it.

 “I have an 80% guideline for work satisfaction, meaning the goal is to be at least 80% happy with a career, job, or boss. If satisfaction falls below that, it is time to fine tune the job, find a new job, or change career direction completely.”

Dr. Janet Civitelli, a workplace psychologist & career coach

If you are unhappy and always complaining about your job you will only make yourself miserable. Either change your attitude or change your job.

What is the worst that can happen from exploring new opportunities? 

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