3 reasons why you won't get an interview

Ian Kinsella 03.08.2016

Towards the end of August and all of September is generally one of the busiest times in recruitment. Which means it’s a great month to secure your dream job. However before we get ahead of ourselves, first off you need to make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance to get to the table to interview in the first place.

Below are three reasons why you won’t get an interview and simple solutions which will help you get your profile in better shape to get around this month.

1. Your CV is terrible.

Yes you heard me and the best recruiters will tell you this straight. Don't get offended as you’re much better off hearing this at the start as it’s an easy enough fix. Your CV represents you, so the layout, format and spelling must all be perfect. If you would like a sample of a good CV template, please don't hesitate to get in touch. At Morgan McKinley, we will offer CV formatting assistance for every candidate we work with.

2. Your LinkedIn profile is not up-to-date.

This is also a representation of you and it’s the first thing people now cross reference once they have your CV. A really good tip is to make sure you have some good recommendations on your profile as this will really give you the edge. Also put something personal up about you on the profile that perhaps isn't on your CV. People like to see the human side of a person too.

3. Not future-proofing your skills

You have worked in the same company for several years and you haven't updated any of your skills at all. There is nothing wrong with being loyal, in fact it’s a really good thing in most cases. However the downside of that is you can become slightly institutionalised............on paper anyway. Make sure you're still growing your skill-set and getting certified in the latest relevant courses. There are heaps to choose from out there and we can tell you which ones employers generally prefer or recognise at the moment.

If you have all these three right before you kick off your job search, you will be much more likely to get an interview. The good news is they are all quite easy fixes and we can help you throughout the process.

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Director - Technology Recruitment - North America