2018 Tax Salary Guide

James Gallagher 11.01.2018

2018 tax salaries for professionals working in general practice, the Big Four or in industry (PLCs, MNCs) in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Galway.

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Commentary on Tax Roles and Remuneration in Ireland for 2018

As anticipated, taxation recruitment in Ireland remained extremely competitive during 2017. Demand was strong in both the industry and practice sectors with experience across all areas of tax being highly sought after. This demand has continued across the board with organisations bringing tax positions in-house as well as increasing dependency on advisory services from the accounting firms and a steady flow of International companies looking to set up a base in Ireland. 

This continuous inward investment from multinational organisations has meant that the need for international corporate taxation experience, along with transfer pricing professionals, has remained strong and opportunities exist at all levels for these professionals. We are also seeing multiple opportunities, across almost all industry sectors, for recently qualified taxation professionals with experience of corporate tax and indirect tax.

Similar to the previous year there is a significant talent shortage across all levels for accounting and law firms. The growth of tax teams and the struggle to retain experienced professionals means there is an abundance of opportunities for tax professionals who wish to progress within a firm. In practice, experience in indirect tax, employment tax, corporate tax and transfer pricing are most sought after by employers. Many firms are looking at their salary bands and benefits packages to ensure that they remain ahead in a highly competitive marketplace for talent. 

We predicted last year that salaries would increase across the board in taxation and this proved to be the case. We saw an uplift of between 5% to 10% in some cases and we also saw a number of professional job seekers effectively being given external promotions (moving from their current business to a more senior position within another organisation) which is something that had been rarely seen in the past.

Sentiment in the taxation market remains buoyant and we anticipate that as demand continues to grow throughout 2018, salary increases will follow the same trajectory. Organisations that are able to differentiate their offering from a benefits, career development and flexibility perspective will also stay ahead in this highly competitive landscape.

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