2018 Supply Chain and Procurement Salary Guide

Darragh McCarthy 11.01.2018

Expected salary ranges in Ireland for 2018 in procurement and operations, procurement and purchasing, planning, supply chain and logistics.

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Commentary on Supply Chain Roles and Remuneration in Ireland for 2018

As an industry, supply chain in Ireland continues to go from strength to strength. Through professional and educational recognition it is becoming one of Ireland’s fastest growing sectors.  Much like other sectors it still faces many challenges. The potential US tax bill and the still unknown effect of a future Brexit still hangs over the industry as a whole. No industry or sector is unaffected by market uncertainties and the supply chain industry in Ireland is heavily exposed due to the number of large Irish-based American multinationals and their service to global markets. 

On the economic front, we are seeing an increase in competition from other locations. Eastern European countries have been able to promote themselves as a low-cost alternative to Ireland particularly for large scale manufacturing sites, having both a strong educational structure and with many CMO operations being based in these regions. 

On a positive note, the industry still continues to see growth with many companies choosing Ireland as their global centre for their shared service functions. Many companies now see that Ireland has a wealth of talented supply chain professionals across a variety of industries, with a number of global procurement functions continuing to be placed in Ireland. The industry in Ireland is reaping the benefit of Brexit with a number of companies in the supply chain now choosing Ireland over the UK as their preferred location to do business. 

There continues to be a shift towards a jobs-rich recruitment market compared to the applicant-rich market of a few years ago. Professional job seekers more than ever before have greater choice of roles with many professionals being offered two or three roles simultaneously.  A consequential increase in counter offers is being seen with companies finding it harder to find talent and being more proactive in their efforts to retain talent.

Within supply chain the highly-regulated space still continues to grow. Biopharma has replaced pharma as the label industry. Medical device and food are still sought-after industries while others such as automotive, technology and electronics remain strong. Dublin remains very buoyant with financial and virtual supply chain roles leading the charge. Manufacturing across North Dublin and Cork has remained strong with hubs in Ringaskiddy and Little Island continuing to develop.

With the growth and progression of supply chain in Ireland, the gender balance has started to shift with females swiftly rising through the ranks. There has been a tangible increase in the number of female graduates from supply chain related courses. 

A large number of multinationals have global functions based out of Ireland which brings a requirement for flexibility to travel in many roles. Global mobility is now becoming the norm across the industry. The ability to work remotely is a key attraction point for talent, allowing employees to achieve a greater worklife balance. The option to work from home is becoming more popular in Dublin particularly to help alleviate commuting hours.

Given the greater competition for talent, there has been a shift away from temporary agency contracts and fixed term contracts to permanent employment.  Contracts remain as fixed term if covering a specific purpose but increasingly contractors having a greater selection of roles from which to choose so offers of permanency are likely to secure this talent. 

As an industry supply chain salaries continue to rise, due mainly to the shortage of certain skill sets. We are seeing employees in highly-skilled senior roles obtaining package increases of anything from 15-20%. However, this is not the market norm as salaries are increasing year by year at a level of around 3–5% . Those planning to secure a new career opportunity can expect an increase of between 8-12%. With an increase in opportunities and a continuing skills shortage we expect this trend to continue next year. We equally expect there to be an increase in the number of supply chain professionals choosing Ireland as their desired work location in the coming years therefore increasing the talent on offer and  potentially suppressing continued salary growth. 

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Strong SAP experience required - Option to work from home
Cork City02.07.2020
Very exciting opportunity for a new college graduate interested in pursuing a career in Food Business and Production Operations.
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