2018 Engineering Salary Guide

Stephen O'Brien 11.01.2018

Engineering salaries in Ireland for 2018 - manufacturing salaries, quality & validation salaries, R&D salaries and maintenance & facilities salaries.

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Commentary on Engineering Roles and Remuneration in Ireland for 2018 

The engineering industry in Ireland continues to see significant growth, with over 79% of organisations stating that their business will grow in 2018 and the same number planning on hiring engineering professionals in the year ahead. 

Industries such as medical devices, pharma, food, technology and construction are at the forefront of this growth as evidenced by a number of significant job announcements in H2. This growth forecast is not without its challenges. With the majority of stakeholders predicting a robust and optimistic outlook for the engineering market within Ireland, the common sentiment from businesses is that the skill shortage across the sector is becoming an increasing concern.  

With these concerns in mind, the government has recently launched the STEM Education Policy Statement 2017-2026 and Implementation Plan 2017-2019. This is a decade-long strategy with the aim of Ireland becoming the best in Europe in  STEM education by 2026. It’s aim is also to encourage those in second level education to pursue a career in engineering. In the interim, companies are faced with challenges to attract top talent to their organisation in addition to becoming  more creative on employee engagement to ensure they retain the highly skilled professionals they have in their ranks. As a result, many organisations invest significantly in their education, training and development plans. With regard to experienced and tenured employees; companies are funding relevant educational qualifications that will allow the employee to advance their career in a new technical specialisation as well as accelerate the company’s growth plans. 

In past years engineering graduates had difficulty securing their first professional role after completing their qualification in their chosen discipline. This has been turned on its head in recent years with businesses targeting newly-qualified engineers with comprehensive graduate programmes.  A number of these companies are engaging with engineering students at an early stage in their career.  Many have put internships in place across the four years of the degree programme in addition to offering paid summer work.  These organisations are reaping the reward of this initiative with a substantial number of interns slotting seamlessly into full-time roles once they graduate. 

Engineering will also see salaries increase over the course of 2018 for experienced professionals. Those looking to make a career move in 2018 can expect an increase of between 6-10% on their base salary. Research and development and industrial robotics are two key growth areas for the coming year with the robotics side being driven by the increased investment in automation across a number of industries. Areas which have bucked the trend are the regions outside of Cork and Dublin. These locations have seen the most significant increases in salary. In a lot of cases there is little or no difference between the salaries in any of the regional markets as a result of the aforementioned skill shortage.  These salary increases have also benefited professionals looking to move home to regional locations from Dublin, Cork and abroad.  

The engineering sector in Ireland has also benefit from Brexit to date with a number of global pharma and medical device companies setting up new offices or expanding their current offering in order to secure a base to service their European markets.

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