2012 Financial Services Salaries Uncovered

Deborah Hall 23.04.2012

Our Morgan McKinley 2012 Salary Guide examined the average financial services salaries for 2012. We examined banking & stock broking, finance, treasury & capital markets, funds, insurance and actuarial.

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Financial Services, Banking (Permanent)

Role:Low €KHigh €K
Private Banking  
Wealth Manager                                                               70110
Private Banking Manager5080
Private Banking Officer3550
Private Banking Administrator2835
Corporate Banking  
Corporate Banking Manager50110
Corporate Banking Officer3550
Corporate Banking Administrator2535
Commerical Banking  
Commercial Banking Manager4590
Commercial Banking Officer3045
Commercial Banking Administrator2530
Stock Broking  
Institutional Sales80150
Private Client Advisor80100
Corporate Finance Executive50150
Equity Analyst45100
Research Analyst3570

Banking and Stock Broking (Permanent)

Role:Low €KHigh €K
Retail Banking  
Branch Manager4565
Assistant Branch Manager3545
Financial Planning Consultant       4060
Customer Service Officer2230
Mortgage Manager5065
Mortgage Consultant2545
Mortgage Underwriter3055
Mortgage Customer Service2835
Mortgage Arrears3045
Restructing / Work Out  
Restructuring Manager50120
Restructuring Officer3550
Credit & Risk  
Credit Analyst3570
Operational Risk Analyst4075
Market Risk Analyst4065
Quantitative Analyst3590
Compliance Manager50120
Compliance Officer3550
Compliance Administrator2535

Finance (Permanent)

Role:Low €K High €K
Financial Services Accounting  
Financial Director100160
Financial Controller75120
Product Controller6075
Internal Audit Manager7090
Internal Auditor4565
Systems Accountant6080
Project Accountant5570
Treasury Accountant4560
Junior Treasury Accountant3545
Senior Regulatory Accountant6090
Regulatory Accountant4560
Senior Financial Analyst5565
Financial Analyst (1-3 yrs)4555
Senior Financial / Group Accountant6580
Financial / Mgt Accountant (3yrs)5565
Financial Management Accountant4055
Newly Qualified Accountant4050
PQ Assistant Accountant (2-3 yrs)2835
PQ Accounts Assistant (2-3 yrs)2535
PQ Assistant Accountant (1-2 yrs)2328
Accounting Technician2330

Treasury & Capital Markets (Permanent)

Role:Low €KHigh €K
Treasury & Capital Markets  
Treasury Admin3050
Settlements Admin2545
Middle Office Specialist4060
Payments / Verifications Officer       2545

Fund Administration (Permanent)

Role:Low €KHigh €K
Head of Fund Accounting90120
Senior Fund Accounting Manager7090
Fund Accounting Manager5070
Fund Accounting Supervisor3850
Senior Fund Accountant3238
Fund Accountant2432
Compliance Manager6080
Compliance Officer3555
Custody Manager5070
Custody Officer3545
Trustee Manager5070
Trustee Officer3545
Head of Transfer Agency80110
Senior Transfer Agency Manager6580
Transfer Agency Manager4565
Transfer Agency Supervisor3645
Senior Transfer Agency Administrator3036
Transfer Agency Administrator2430
Relationship Manager5065
Senior Relationship Officer6580
Development Manager80110
Fund / Portfolio Manager5090
Risk Manager5090
Business Analyst4070
Project Manager7085
Programme Manager85100
Senior Programme Manager100120

Insurance and Acturial (Permanent)

Role:Low €KHigh €K
General Insurance  
Personal Lines Manager4055
Personal Lines Team Leader3545
Personal Lines Administrator2030
Personal Lines Underwriter2535
Commercial Manager4560
Commercial Account Handler3550
Commercial Underwriter4060
Business Development Underwriter5090
Claims Manager4580
Claims Handler2550
Loss Adjuster2570
Operations Manager65100
Life Assurance  
Operations Manager65100
Underwriting Manager5080
Broker Consultant4070
Pensions Manager4580
Pensions Consultant4580
Pensions Administrator2450
Life Administrator2240
Claims Officer2540


Reinsurance Underwriter4080
Reinsurance Claims4060
Captive Executive / Underwriter     3060
Captive Underwriting Manager6080
Trainee Actuary (Graduate)3040
Part Qual (5 exams remaining )5060
Near Qual (2 exams remaining)6075
Newly Qual Actuary7080
Newly Qual Actuary (3yrs PQE)90120
Actuarial Manager120150
Chief Actuary150200

Banking (Temporary & Contract)

Figures shown reflect base salaries quoted in hourly rates.

Role:Low P/HHigh P/H
Retail Banking  
Branch Manager2233
Assistant Branch Manager1822
Financial Planning Consultant2030
Customer Service Officer1115
Mortgage Manager2532
Mortgage Consultant1322
Mortgage Underwriter1528
Mortgage Customer Service1418
Mortgage Arrears1523
Restructuring / Work Out  
Restructuring Manager2560
Restructuring Officer1825
Credit & Risk  
Credit Analyst1835
Operational Risk Analyst2038
Market Risk Analyst2033
Compliance Manager2560
Compliance Officer1825
Compliance Administrator           1218
Private Banking                          
Wealth Manager3555
Private Banking Manager2540
Private Banking Officer1825
Private Banking Administrator1418
Corporate Banking  
Corporate Banking Manager2555
Corporate Banking Officer1825
Corporate Banking Administrator1218
Commerical Banking  
Commercial Banking Manager2245
Commercial Banking Officer1522
Commercial Banking Administrator1215

Finance, Treasury & Capital Markets (Temporary & Contract)

Figures shown reflect base salaries quoted in hourly rates.

Role:Low P/HHigh P/H
Financial Services Accounting  
Financial Controller3860
Product Controller3038
Internal Audit Manager3445
Internal Auditor2233
Systems Accountant3040
Project Accountant2835
Treasury Accountant2230
Junior Treasury Accountant1823
Senior Regulatory Accountant3245
Regulatory Accountant2232
Senior Financial Analyst2833
Financial Analyst (1-3 yrs)2228
Senior Financial / Group Accountant3340
Financial / Mgt Accountant (3yrs)2833
Financial Management Accountant2028
Newly Qualified Accountant2025
PQ Assistant Accountant (2-3 yrs)1418
PQ Accounts Assistant (2-3 yrs)1318
PQ Assistant Accountant (1-2 yrs)1214
Accounts Payable Assistant1316
Accounts Receivable Assistant1316
Treasury & Capital Markets  
Treasury Admin1525
Settlements Admin1323
Middle Office Specialist      2020
Payments / Verifications Officer1323

Fund Administration (Temporary & Contract)

Figures shown reflect base salaries quoted in hourly rates.

Role:Low P/HHigh P/H
Head of Fund Accounting4560
Senior Fund Accounting Manager3545
Fund Accounting Manager2535
Fund Accounting Supervisor2025
Senior Fund Accountant1720
Fund Accountant1517
Compliance Manager2540
Compliance Officer1828
Custody Manager2035
Custody Officer1520
Trustee Manager2030
Trustee Officer1420
Head of Transfer Agency4050
Senior Transfer Agency Manager3040
Transfer Agency Manager2530
Transfer Agency Supervisor2025
Senior Transfer Agency Administrator1618
Transfer Agency Administrator1516
Relationship Manager2535
Senior Relationship Manager1525
Business Development Manager2545
Fund/Portfolio Manager2545
Business Analyst2030
Project Manager4080
Programme Manager4070
Senior Programme Manager4080

Insurance ( Temporary & Contact)

Figures shown reflect base salaries quoted in hourly rates.

Role:Low P/HHigh P/H
General Insurance  
Personal Lines Manager2028
Personal Lines Team Leader1823
Personal Lines Administrator1015
Personal Lines Underwriter1218
Commercial Manager2230
Commercial Account Handler1825
Commercial Underwriter2030
Claims Manager2240
Claims Handler1225
Loss Adjuster1335
Operations Manager3350
Life Assurance  
Operations Manager3350
Underwriting Manager2540
Broker Consultant2035
Pensions Manager2240
Pensions Consultant2240
Pensions Administrator1225
Life Administrator1120
Claims Officer1320
Reinsurance Underwriter2040
Reinsurance Claims2030
Captive Executive / Underwriter      1530
Captive Underwriting Manager3040

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