2012 Accounting & Finance Salary Survey

Niamh McCarthy 04.05.2012

As part of our Morgan McKinley 2012 Salary Survey we examined the average accountancy and finance salaries for 2012 in Dublin, Cork and the regions. We looked at accountancy and finance jobs within commerce and industry for small, medium and large companies as well as shared services and temporary and interm positions.

Role:Low €KHigh €KLow €KHigh €KLow €KHigh €K
Financial Director709070857080
Financial Controller708055704555
Finance Manager506050604050
Management Accountant455545554050
Financial Accountant405040503540
Systems / Project Accountant455545554550
Assistant Management Accountant354035403035
Assistant Financial Accountant303530352833
Assistant Financial Controller455538463240
Newly Qualified Accountant354530353035
Tax Accountant455040453540
Trainee Accountant (P/Q 2+yrs)283225302125
Trainee Accountant (1-2yrs)242824281822
Credit Controller263224302328
Payroll Clerk263225302328
Accounts Supervisor303528322730
Accounts Payable Clerk242822252225
Accounts Receivable Clerk242822252225
Accounts Assistant252822252225
Graduate / Trainee Accountant                    222518221822

* All salaries above relate to permenant positions

Commerce and Industry (medium companies 100 - 500 employees) 

Role:Low €KHigh €KLow €KHigh €KLow €KHigh €K
Financial Director95120951057080
Financial Controller759070805060
Finance Manager657565754555
Management Accountant556050605055
Financial Accountant506045554050
Systems / Project Accountant556550605060
Treasury Accountant455540504050
Business / Financial Analyst506050604555
Internal Auditor456045504045
Assistant Management Accountant354032383036
Assistant Financial Accountant323830353035
Assistant Financial Controller657540503237
Cost Accountant455545504550
Tax Accountant455545554555
Newly Qualified Accountant405040454045
Trainee Accountant (P/Q 2+yrs)303425302430
Trainee Accountant (1-2yrs)262820242024
Credit Controller263225302530
Payroll Clerk263225302530
Accounts Supervisor303530353035
Accounts Payable Clerk263025302530
Accounts Receivable Clerk263025302530
Accounts Assistant283222272227
Graduate / Trainee Accountant242820252024

* All salaries above relate to permenant positions

Commerce and Industry (large companies 500+ employees) 

Role:Low €KHigh €KLow €KHigh €KLow €KHigh €K 
Financial Director12015011514085100 
Financial Controller85110801107080 
Finance Manager657565706070 
Management Accountant606555655565 
Financial Accountant556555654853 
Systems / Project Accountant606555655462 
Treasury Accountant506050555055 
Business / Financial Analyst556555654555 
Internal Auditor506045554550 
Assistant Management Accountant404540453642 
Assistant Financial Accountant354035403538 
Assistant Financial Controller657555653538 
Cost Accountant506050604550 
Tax Accountant505545554555 
Newly Qualified Accountant455040454045 
Trainee Accountant (P/Q 2+yrs)323525302530 
Trainee Accountant (1-2yrs)262823282228 
Credit Control Manager455545554045 
Credit Controller (1-3 yrs)283225302530 
Payroll Manager455545554045 
Payroll Clerk283427332632 
Accounts Supervisor354035403439 
Accounts Payable Clerk283225302430 
Accounts Receivable Clerk283225302430 
Accounts Assistant303223282227 
Graduate / Trainee Accountant242820252025 

* All salaries above relate to permenant positions

Shared Services 

Role:Low €K High €K Low €K High €K Low €K High €K
Shared Services      
Director Shared Services Centre13015011013580110
General Ledger      
Team Leader658055654555
Analyst/Specialist/Assistant Team Leader506045504050
Accounts Payable      
Team Leader505545503338
Analyst/Specialist/Assistant Team Leader364032352429
Process Support253022262025
Accounts Recievable      
Team Leader505540453540
Analyst/Specialist/Assistant Team Leader364035402630
Process Support25302530**
Inter Company      
Team Leader505545503540
Analyst/Specialist/Assistant Team Leader364030352632

* Typically, these roles do not exist at this level

* All salaries above relate to permenant positions

Temporary & Interim Management

Role:Low P/HHigh P/HLow P/HHigh P/HLow P/HHigh P/H
Interim Manager / Financial Director485545504048
Financial Controller354033393237
Financial Accountant233020252025
Systems Accountant283322272227
VAT Accountant212820252025
Project Accountant253025302429
Cost Accountant283025302430
Management Accountant243025302430
Internal Auditor253225302328
Newly Qualified Accountant202518221621
Part Qualified Accountant151815181418
Financial Analyst202820252025
Assistant Accountant151914181318
Credit Controller152012151215
Accounts Assistant141714161216
Accounts Clerk151612151114
Bank Reconciliations Clerk121410121012
Payroll Senior152015201420
Payroll Junior141610131013
Accounts Payable Assistant131610131013
Accounts Receivable Assistant131610131013
Billings Administrator131410131013


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